Stylish and Ultra Luxury Decor – Parabola Chair

Parabola Chair

Looking for a luxury conversation piece for your home? Consider the new Parabola Chair from high-end Italian designer – Carlo Aiello.

The stylish Parabola Chair is a luxury modern chair that has won the prestigious “Red Dot and Good Design” award. Its origin comes from the mathematical analysis of hyperbolic paraboloids. Aiello has intrigued by the concept of strong structural characteristics of minimal surface thickness and long spans.

The final goal was to develop a new iconic chair was radically new along with a refined aesthetic and a simple fabrication process. He designed the Parabola Chair over 2 years and completed his efforts in 2013. It was a very intensive process that involved advanced digital design processes, numerous models, and 15 full-scale prototypes.

The final design is remarkable. The design of the Parabola Chair consists of two paraboloids that blend into a single surface. The creative design serves as seating, backrest, and an armrest that’s cleverly supported by a lightweight stainless steel frame.

Carlo Aiello belives he designed the ultimate modern luxury chair. The open mesh chair allows both light and space to flow through.

The Parabola Chair is fabricated in polished stainless steel plus hand-polished to a mirror finish, so it is perfect for use either indoors or outdoors. This high quality chair was built to last a long time, yet always seem current. The ideal piece of luxury decor.

In addition, to the awards Aiello has own, the luxury chair has been included in the permanent collections at the San Francisco Museum of Craft and Design plus the Chicago Museum of Architecture and Design.

The chair’s cushions are hand-crafted in classic Bouclé Fabric and are available in four, stunning Mediterranean inspired colors that include – Crimson Red, Lemon Chartreuse, Aegean Blue and Onyx Black.

The dimensions are as follows:
Width = 35” (89cm)
Length = 40” (102cm)
Height = 37” (94cm)
Seat Height= 17” (43cm).

The current retail price of the Parabola Chair is $3,600 USD.

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Photo: Carlo Aiello


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