Dunhill Reveals Handcrafted Luxury Leather Process

Dunhill briefcase

Working as a young apprentice in his father’s saddlery business, Alfred Dunhill learned the necessary skills to create exceptional handcrafted leather items.

In 1893, Alfred Dunhill inherited the family business and decided to continue this commitment to excellence. Dunhill used the same traditions, expertise and technical ability of the leather craftsmen, and began creating luxury accessories such as hats, gloves and coats to bespoke motoring trunks and cases.

Now for the for the first time in over 100 years, Dunhill has allowed the general public a preview of the hand crafting process used to create their luxury Tradition leather goods.

The movie showcases the re-mastered Tradition Double Document case being cut from the best quality bridle leather, being hand stitched, and then finished by a highly skilled leather artisan.

Similar processes were originally used by Dunhill’s master craftsmen over 100 years ago.

Today, every custom piece of Dunhill custom leather is made at the Walthamstow leather workshop. The workshop is where a customer’s individual choice of skin, finish, hardware, functionalities and linings are created into a unique, quality leather piece.

The manufacturing process is unique. Just one person is responsible for constructing each individual piece all the way through to the final edge painting and cleaning.

This process ensures individual ownership and pride in each piece that is produced. The end result for the customer  is a leather product built with the highest standards of workmanship.

Lastly to guarantee authenticity, a leather card is stamped with the name of this artisan and inserted into each piece of luggage.

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