Luxury Doghouses for Fido

There is no question that people love their pets, and we’ll do almost anything to make them happy and give them the very best available. Including where they sleep.

One trendy way to spoil our furry friends is buy them their very own mini-mansion to live in.

These luxury doghouses are artistically designed and built from the ground up with meticulous attention to every detail. Almost any possible amenity can be custom designed into the doghouse.

Dog owners can expect the highest level of quality construction and building materials. Of course this is what they would expect or want to use in building your own custom home. It’s interesting to note that many dog owners choose to have their custom dog house actually match the style and construction of their own residence.

La Petite Maison often models its handcrafted luxury doghouses after buyers’ own homes.  Even stars like model Rachael Hunter (pictured above), spare no expense for their dogs.  Most luxury homes sell for between $6,000 and $25,000 and they often come equipped with luxury features, such as air-conditioning.

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