Top 7 Unique Wedding Registry Websites

Wedding registry

A bridal registry is an important service for soon-to-be married couples.

A bridal or wedding registry that is provided by either a website or retail store helps engaged couples by communicating their particular gift preferences to wedding guests.

Newly wedded couples only need so much china and probably wouldn’t want more than one food processor, which is why gift registries were invented.

As with so many other things, however, today’s wedding registries have evolved with the Internet. Couples can now pour over their computer screens to select desired gifts, rather than roaming through multiple stores.

Online bridal registries also allow couples to make more considered decisions and, perhaps, more unique choices. Forget toasters and linens, modern couples want gift cards, houses and an opportunity to help make our world a better place.

Read on for the most unique wedding registry websites now available, and how they’re changing our gift-giving ways.

1. Honeymoon Registry
Prince William and Duchess Katherine postponed their honeymoon, perhaps because they spent all that money on the wedding, but you shouldn’t have to. As with Card Avenue, allows you to ask for money without really asking for money. The site allows you to request cash for everything from airfare to a special breakfast.

2. Home Savings Registry
You’ll never lay an egg with The cash registry allows couples to put money towards a future home or perhaps just furniture and home improvements.

3. Gift Card Registry
Asking directly for money can be extremely uncomfortable and is frowned upon by Dear Abby and Emily Post. Happily, there’s a new way around this delicate situation. allows couples to register for gift cards from select stores and let friends know about their choices via email. It’s as simple as 1-2-3 and doesn’t require a purchase or setup and transaction fees. Card Avenue also offers guests a resource for buying fully-priced or discount gift cards.

4. Donation Registries
More modern couples are shunning actual gifts and asking friends and family to donate to their favorite charities. Through the I DO Foundation, guests can donate directly to a couple’s chosen charitable cause via a secure system. Charities are grouped into six focus areas including health, environment, social justice, community development, education and children, youth and families.

5. Lingerie Registry
If there ever was a gift designed for the groom, this is it. (pronounced “bedroom eyes boutique”) carries trendy and classic “Just Married” pieces suitable for brides of every age and style. Brides (and grooms) can register online, but they’ll have to tell their friends as there’s no email-notification function on the site.

6. Wine Registry
Create a wish list at the popular and fill it with everything from stemware, corkscrews and accessories to selections from the The Wine Enthusiast Catalog’s wine cellars. Most items are available gift wrapped. Wine Enthusiast also offers a toll-free number to assist gift givers.

7. Universal Registry
Why bother with multiple bridal registries when you can add all your favorite items from any store in the world to one massive list. also provides smartphone apps that allow couples to scan products for the best prices.


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