Donatella Versace Introduces “Urban Luxury” Summer Collection

Donatella Versace urban luxury - Milan fashion week show

(AP Photo/Antonio Calanni)

Italian fashion designer Donatella Versace was born on May 2, 1955. She is the force behind the iconic Versace high-fashion brand name.

Donatella Versace rose in the ranks of Versace after the untimely death of Gianni, her brother. Donatella is currently the Vice-President of the Versace Group.

The latest 2014 summer fashion collection from Donatella Versace combines a sophisticated styles along with street wear. The new look is described as “urban luxury” and was unveiled at a recent fashion show in the courtyard of the Versace palazzo in downtown Milan, Italy.

The new Versace collection offers a wide variety of looks for today’s active woman – denim jackets worn over a delicate floral sheath, or tough harness tops paired up with demure flared skirts, or a beautiful chiffon dress held together by fashionable metal hooks.

Donatella Versace has focused a lot of her efforts on the collection’s materials. The techno research first started by her late brother Gianni, is now one of the label’s trademarks. Gianni is known as the first Italian designer to use chain metal.

Donatella Versace was quoted, “When you talk about luxury everybody thinks of evening gowns, but it’s also about basic items like a pair of jeans, a shirt or a T-shirt.”

Also displayed down the runway were biker T-shirts and leather belts accompanied by a buckle in the shape of the Versace Medusa logo, heavy metal necklaces, and chain metal pouches and bandanas. In addition, the fashion line was paired with the latest designer Versace footwear, including a high-heeled platform sandal that was cleverly held together by elastic bands.

Enriched by delicate strands of silk, Donatella Versace designed a ballerina skirt that is made of raffia. The stylish skirt also appears throughout the fashion show as either a monochromatic or pastel print look. The skirt was paired with matching blouses or bra tops.

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