Blown Glass Vases by Versace and Venini

Versace and Venini blown glass vase collection
Versace and Venini – Blown glass vase collection

Last autumn, Versace and Venini partnered together to produce a new line of vases in blown glass.

The two companies recently announced two new styles in their exclusive, blown glass vase collection.

There has been a strong demand from home decorators for these historic pieces.  Home decorators truly see the value of Italian hand crafted workmanship, attention to detail, plus they have a strong passion for striking chromatic colors.

The first of the two new styles, utilizes the Pezzati technique to create Bulb, Melt, Round and Lantern vases. The Pezzati technique is a chromatic revised version of the very first piece of the collection, that was designed exclusively by Venini for the House of Versace.

The second vase style uses a ribbon design for the Globe, Cork, and Lamp vases. These are simple, yet over-sized vases that are be characterized by their vibrant colors and strict shapes.

Designed by Donatella Versace, the ribbon (band that buckles each vase) also serves as the distinguished symbol of the new collection.

To learn more about these beautiful pieces, please visit the Versace home at


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