Survive the End of the World in a Luxury Survival Bunker

Vivos survival bunker
Courtesy of: Vivos

Is the end of the world really near? Who knows. Maybe it’s time to do something about it, before it’s too late.

Many millionaires aren’t taking any chances and building their own survival bunkers. Vivos is a company located in Barstow, California. Owner Robert Vicino has built a luxury end-of-times bunker, deep beneath the Mojave Desert.

If the world is going to end above ground, then you better enjoy your time below ground in pure luxury style.

The survival bunker by Vivos Is approximately 13,000 square feet of living space. The bunker includes a gym, an atrium, plus all the amenities you would need to keep 132 lucky soles alive as chaos rains down above them.

The survival bunker has it all and just may justify its lofty price tag of $50,000. Luxury living at its best!

There is even a plan to build a jail, just in case a few of the survival bunker residents get a little rowdy and need to be thrown in the slammer.

As 2012 nears, and the over-hyped apocalypse almost here, Robert Vicino is open for business. The survival bunker will also protect its customers from the following natural or man-made disasters: massive volcano eruptions, solar flares, a pole shift, earthquakes, asteroids, tsunamis, bio terrorism, nuclear attack, chemical warfare and your basic widespread social anarchy.


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