Stunning 2071.48ct Backgammon Set


Backgammon has long been a favorite board game. Now here is a chance for all Backgammon fanatics to buy an amazing 2071.48ct Backgammon Set with black, white, and yellow diamonds.

Backgammon is said to be the oldest game in recorded history. Its origin stems from a version of this board game that was first played about 5,000 years ago. Today, Backgammon is still a very popular board game.

Now you can own this luxurious 2071.48ct diamond Backgammon Set which is truly a piece of art. The set was designed by the renowned artist Bernard Maquin, and the backgammon set speaks the language of the exotic east through the tones of ancient damascene ornaments.

Traditionally, Backgammon was believed to have originated in ancient Mesopotamian (present-day Iraqi), the artist took us into the world of “The Thousand and One Nights” by retrieving his inspiration and muse from geometric patterns of eastern art and architecture, especially created for “The Charles Hollander Collection”.

In order to obtain the dazzling effect, we used 61,082 black, white, and yellow diamonds. The game is set with a total of 2071.48 carats diamonds. To bring this exquisite set to completion, the checkers were also set with 2960 white diamonds.

The diamonds, together with over 6.77kg yellow gold, 150 gram silver and more than 10,000 hours of labor, resulting into this modern magnificent piece of art.


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