Lungolinea: A Luxury Ping Pong Table by IMPATIA

Lungolinea ping pong table - IMPATIA

IMPATIA is a luxury design company based in Milan, Italy. They specialize in producing bespoke, luxury gaming tables. Each is completely artisan and made in Italy. Therefore we’d like to share the Lungolinea: a luxury Ping Pong table.

All of their gaming tables come with unique features. As a result, each one makes them the ideal addition to exclusive and visionary design projects. Stunning and elegant, their products are purely luxurious.

IMPATIA has a premium luxury client base. The luxury brand focuses its efforts on creating contemporary design pieces that go beyond gaming. The Lungolinea Ping Pong table is a perfect example of their philosophy.

“Lungolinea is a vision, a desire to ambitiously reinterpret the classics: unchanged for centuries, the Ping-Pong table relishes new life and discovers a new essence made of pure crystal and infinite light,” Impatia says. “Lungolinea is a refined object, a sublime witness of the advanced Italy technology, that poses no limits to the game.”

The Lungolinea Ping Pong table demonstrates the sophistication and ingenuity of Italian design. The company brings top craftsmanship to the game of Ping Pong. In addition, this gorgeous product is the ultimate blend of art, decor and sports equipment.

The table’s crystal glass surface and transparency convey a visual beauty like no other. Plus your friends and family will become envious of this amazing looking, ping pong table.

Their pieces are artisan made in Italy. They are truly one of a kind and can be integrated into a variety of spaces. In other words, tt will easily become the central focus in your home.

Don’t be hesitant by its luxurious looks. However the ping pong table is fully functional. In addition, the set includes four paddles, a net and a ball. Above all, from beginner to professional players, this table is perfect for all to enjoy.

By utilizing technical material and technology, LUNGOLINEA truly represents high quality Italian design. Plus the craftsmanship is incredible. The end result is simply a masterpiece.

To learn more or move forward with a purchase, please contact The Life of Luxury today.

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