Steve Jobs’ Secret Luxury Yacht – Resembles a Floating Giant iPhone

Steve Jobs luxury yacht - Venus
Steve Jobs luxury yacht – Venus

It’s hard to believe it’s already been over a year that Apple’s Steve Jobs passed away, his ultra-luxury yacht is now ready to launch.

After years of secretive designing by Steve Jobs and French designer Phillipe Stack, Feadship shipbuilders in Aalsmeer, Holland have unveiled the sleek looking “Venus.”

Measuring over 70 meters in length and resembling a giant Apple iPhone 4, Venus is a luxury yacht that was built completely out of aluminum. The lighter yacht weight will allow for faster speeds on the open waters and better fuel efficiency.

There is a large sun deck that includes a built in jacuzzi. The ship’s all “floor to ceiling” glass cabin comes is equipped a bridge that features seven 27-inch Apple iMacs to provide the luxury yacht’s navigation and controls.

The impressive ship’s main living area was designed with stunning walls of glass, measuring forty feet long by ten feet high.

During the luxury boat’s christening party, Jobs family members joined the custom yacht builders to celebrate this luxurious vessel. Each member of Feadship shipbuilder team received an Apple iPod Shuffle with the boat’s name “Venus” engraved on the back.

Apple founder and CEO - Steve Jobs
Photo: Redlime, Sri Lanka

It was a sad day when the iconic tech guru and Apple visionary Steven Jobs passed away, but his legacy as the driving force behind Apples will live on forever.


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