Sandeman Rosehip Sangria Cocktail

Sandeman Rosehip Sangria cocktail
Sandeman Rosehip Sangria

As Spring has finally arrived, cold temperature are a thing of the past and flora around the world beginning to bloom.

The weather outside heating up, your cocktail glass should be cooling down with your favorite cocktail.

The world’s leading port and sherry company, is celebrating the end of winter and welcoming warmer days and sunny skies by introducing you to another one of our crowd-pleasing sangrias.

Rosehip Sangria from Sandeman embodies everything the season has to offer: floral notes, fruit flavors and that refreshing quality we look for in all warm-weather cocktails.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re gathering with friends at the beach in California or celebrating a sunny day on a rooftop in New York, make sure you mix up a pitcher Sandeman Rosehip Sangria.

Sandeman Rosehip Sangria
1 bottle of Sandeman Founders Reserve Porto
18 oz rosehip tea
16 oz ginger ale
15 cherries halved
Rose petals (optional)

Slice cherries in half and set aside. Brew rosehip tea. Mix Sandeman Founders Reserve Porto, rosehip tea and ginger ale in pitcher. Add cherries and let sit for about 8-12 hours (or overnight). Add rose petals before serving for decoration.


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