Reverse The Aging Clock – Time Masters Intensive Program From Valmont

Valmont Time Master Intensive Program skin care
Valmont – Time Master Intensive Program

Men and women have been searching for that unattainable “Fountain of Youth” for generations. Although most skin products on the market today don’t work, some actually do.

Valmont is a luxury Swiss skin care company that started in 1905 and for over 25 years, has studied and actually mastered the signs of aging.

Valmont has just announced a revolutionary 28-day treatment that combines technology, efficacy and precision – Time Masters Intensive Program.

Investing extensive time and resources, Valmont teamed up with the esteemed Swiss watchmaker Franck Muller Watchland (who is owner of the Rodolphe brand), to launch this incredible and exclusive anti-aging product.

The key to this anti-aging skin care regime product is it encourages hydration via using a blend of hyaluronic acids of different molecular weights. It’s an ideal combination as the high molecular weight hydrates on the surface while the low molecular weight hydrates from deep within.

The treatment promotes energy and cellular regeneration, fight wrinkles and promote firmness, re-launches the cellular processes and helps restores that perfect glow to your skin.

Time Masters Intensive Program is comprised of 14 individual 3mL airless vials and will be available for purchase starting September 1, 2012 and will have a suggested retail price of $1,400 US.

You know you desire to counteract the signs of time, so pick a proven product from the skin care experts at Valmont.

You will able to buy Time Masters as well as all Valmont skin care products online at or in greater than 40 select spas nationwide and in more than 40 countries.


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