Valmont – Swiss Brand Skin Care Line

Valmont Swiss brand skin care cream
Valmont Swiss brand skin care cream

In celebration of Valmont’s 25th anniversary, the exclusive Swiss skin care line company is offering Prime Generation, which is a collection of six new formulas to combat the signs of time.

Swiss brand Valmont has proudly been developing anti-aging cosmetics based on research findings in cellular technology.

Based in comprehensive cellular technology research, the updated and enhanced formula by Valmont covers all of the skin cells’ needs in terms of sugars, fats and proteins, therefore comprising an exceptional anti-aging diet for skin offering visible overnight results.

Prime Generation is made up of six new formulas that effectively combat the signs of time. The product line includes:
Bio Cellular – a repairing and and reconstructing serum
24-Hour – an anti-dehydration day and night cream
Regenera I – a rich, nourishing cream ideal for oxygen deprived skin
Regenera II – an ultra-rich cream for severely dry, damaged and more mature complexions
Contour – a non-greasy, rich eye and lip corrective treatment
Neck – a cream specially developed to combat the signs of aging in the often overlooked neck and decollete area.

The President of Valmont Group, Didier Guillon was quoted, “With Prime Generation, Valmont is pushing back the boundaries of efficacy in cellular cosmetics.”

Valmont integrates a complex of molecules into the new formulas, which are highly complementary to DNA for skin health and anti-wrinkle efficacy which include proteins, in the form of a PEPTIDES+ cocktail.

You can find Valmont products at 39 select spas in the United States, plus in more than 30 countries worldwide.

To obtain a list of all Valmont retailers, please call 1-866-411-8256 or visit


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