Pure Renewal at SpaHalekulani – Ultimate Detoxification Experience

Courtesy of: Halekulani

Halekulani, on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu is one of the world’s most acclaimed hotels. Since its opening in 1984, Halekulani has proudly received more than five hundred accolades, awards and honoraria. This amazing hotel is consistently ranked among the world’s finest.

The luxury hotel has just unveiled Pure Renewal at SpaHalekulani.  Spa guests at SpaHalekulani can now enjoy the ultimate 3 ½ hour detoxification experience.

Pure Renewal restores optimal well-being to the mind, body and soul.  Guests will be pampered and receive invigorating treatments, combined with nourishing cuisine and Halekulani’s personalized service.

The Pure Renewal treatment provides proven purification results … both inward and outward.

SpaHalekulani was the first spa to fully explore the healing cultures of Asia, Hawaii and the South Pacific.

Guests of SpaHalekulani receive a welcome that consists of the spa’s signature Foot Pounding, which includes an exclusive ritual that stimulates circulation in the feet. During this time, spa therapists can get a better understanding of specific guest needs.

To begin with, Pure Renewal offers a tea service consisting of warm Cinnamon Orange Tea. The purification process as the Cinnamon’s therapeutic value starts to calm the mind and promotes lymphatic drainage.

Next, is a Foot Reflexology session, that opens up the body’s circulation channels. Completing the detox experience, is pampering, full body massage that relaxes the lymphatic system and ultimately release stress.

As the next phase of the treatment begins, guests will enjoy a healthy and tasty Farm Fresh Lunch on SpaHalekulani’s own serene ocean front terrace. The lunch is heart healthy, savory and locally-sourced and you will enjoy the beautiful Pacific Ocean views.

Your Pure Renewal journey will continue, and entails two rituals of Full Body Skin Brushing. This treatment stimulates the lymphatic system. Wet brushing stimulates hormonal and oil-producing glands, for a healthy and youthful glow. Dry brushing regenerates skin via the process of exfoliation.

Next is an Espresso Limon Body Wrap. Coffee has long been known for its detoxifying and firming effects. Coffee also visibly diminishes the appearance of cellulite and eliminates water retention. The Espresso Limon Body Wrap also contains essential oils of cinnamon and lemon to ensure that skin boasts a long-lasting luster.

The conclusion of your SpaHalekulani Pure Renewal treatment, is with the Detox Therapy Foot Soak. It’s a tranquil treatment focused on recharging the body through the elimination of congested toxins through the feet. The Detox Therapy Foot Soak is the ultimate in holistic cleansing.

The Pure Renewal at SpaHalekulani is now available. Learn more at http://www.halekulani.com/spa_halekulani/

For reservations and information, please contact a travel planner, call Halekulani at (800) 367-2343 / (808) 923-2311 or visit the Halekulani website (www.halekulani.com).


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