Platelet Facial Rejuvenation is Overtaking Botox

Platelet facial rejuvination overtaking Botox
Move over Botox, there’s a new facial treatment in town and its entirely natural and entirely safe.

A new cutting-edge injectable procedure is fast lowering Botox cost or replacing the procedure altogether among A-listers. “Platelet facial rejuvenation” injections provide clients with a more youthful, glowing appearance.

Dr. Roberto Viel of the London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery is one of the world’s most recognized cosmetic surgeons and beauty specialist. Over the last 10 years, Dr. Viel has been responsible for pioneering and introducing most of the cosmetic surgery procedures that are available today.

Dr. Viel has now formulated a way to activate a patient’s own stem cells and harness their miracle-like rejuvenating qualities.

By taking a sample of the patient’s blood, Dr Viel’s new system then separates the blood platelets from the plasma. These platelets are then injected directly into the patient’s face.

This revolutionary Platelet Injection Therapy means that the blood platelets activate the natural stem cells that exist in the facial tissue and stimulate your own skin cells to produce collagen and elastin and therefore rejuvenate the skin.

Dr. Roberto Viel has long and successful history in the medical field. To name but a few, he pioneered the VASER Lipo procedure which is now used all over the world and is the most popular form of Lipo on the market. He developed the penoplasty procedure and has also been at the forefront of breast augmentation procedures and facial rejuvenation.

Roberto Viel - Dr Maurizio Viel
Dr. Roberto Viel (L) and Dr. Maurizio Viel (R)

Always striving to offer patients the best and latest procedures but reducing downtime and discomfort, Dr. Viel continues to push boundaries of patient care with the best possible natural results.

Furthermore, the introduction of the blood platelets into the face ensures longer survival of the natural fat that exists in the face. As we age, the face often loses fat and therefore that healthy plump look; so the fat often needs replacing.

Dr. Viel’s platelet injections mean that the fat present will last longer … however, if the patient requires volume, Dr. Viel can also add fat using his PIFT system with which the added fat can last up to five times longer than any other form of fat transfer and the absorption rate is only between 10% and 20% depending on each individual patient.

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