Online Dating Gets an Intellectual Makeover with IvyDate

IvyDate dating service

One of the best things about being engaged is no longer having to date.  Dating has always been stressful for me.  In addition to emotional and physical compatibility, intellectual complement is also crucial.  Joining the ranks of eHarmony,, and OKCupid is IvyDate.

Founded by Harvard alums Philipp Triebel and Beri Meric deterred from their Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs background to develop IvyDate: a dating community that’s as selective as the Ivy League without being limited to the Ivy League.

Just prior to their launch in January, IvyDate has already attracted over 14,000 of the world’s most accomplished singles from the legal, medical, art, academic, and technological fields.

romantic dating service

Similar to eHarmony, IvyDate evaluates each member based on their interests, achievements, and values.  Approved members then receive hand-selected matches directly to their inbox every week.  Unconventionally, there is no central database for the members to shop around for matches like strolling through the produce section of the supermarket.

Each member can only view and contact their own set of tailored matches.  Members also has access to 24/7 concierge services, exclusive events, and on-call relationship experts.

IvyDate is designed for accomplished individuals who are serious about starting a meaningful relationship.  The chances of finding your intellectual match is higher with IvyDate, but the search may take a little while until they expand outside of New York city and gain national momentum.

But if you do find someone through IvyDate, I still suggest meeting in a public place.  Just because they’re geniuses doesn’t mean they’re not crazy.  After all, there’s a fine line between genius and insanity.

To the find the love of your life, try IvyDate now!


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