Dressed Not to Be Killed

Bullet Proof Fashion

For the English socialite worried about getting shot, oversize paramilitary gear simply won’t do. Fortunately, London’s super rich can now maintain their security without sacrificing style.

On July 14, Miguel Caballero, the world’s only producer of “designer bulletproof fashion,” started selling his high-security garments at posh London department store Harrods. His new collection includes blazers, raincoats and suede jackets, some replete with a comforting stab-proof lining.

Customers get to select from three levels of ballistic protection. For instance, a polo shirt that can withstand a slug from a 9-mm revolver costs roughly $7,500; a version for about $9,800 protects wearers from automatic weapons, including mini-Uzis.

The Colombian designer began producing high-security fashion 16 years ago while studying at Bogotá’s Los Andes University, where his classmates–many of whom were the children of politicians–wore protective vests that were heavy and nondiscreet. Fast-forward to his latest leather jacket, which weighs a trim 2.6 lb. (1.2 kg) and doesn’t scream bulletproof.
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