Now You Can Own a Fairy Tale, Private Castle in Italy!

Lambardy castle - Italy

Italy has long, rich history of culture and incredible castles. Dozens of private castles across Italy are now up for sale.

Dimitri Corti is the CEO of Lionard Luxury Real Estate, and says his firm currently has 37 castles for sale, but there are over 70 throughout Italy in their portfolio.

So what’s driving the abundance of private castles? Corti states, “The high maintenance costs and the increasing tax burden on properties have convinced many owners, whose properties have often been in the family for generations to evaluate sales opportunities aimed at the foreign market.”

Prices for a private castle ranges from €1,200 to €8,500 per square metre for properties of great charm and value, in perfect condition,. Some tof the castles for sale are already being used as a tourist accommodation, or as a farm.

Two, great historical figures from Dante’s Divine Comedy are Farinata degli Uberti (c. 1212-1264) who was one of the damned souls in Hell, and the Sienese noblewoman Sapia Salvani (c. 1210 -1278), who was one of the envious souls in Purgatory. Both these characters are associated with two castles in Tuscany – Castello di Sapia near Siena and Castello di Tavolese near Florence. Now you can purchase one of these famous castles and become part of history.

Piedmontis the city where yo uwill find the best value properties. For example, one of the most eye-catching castles in the Monferrato area is surrounded by a park with age-old trees, 5,962 square metres of perfectly-restored indoor space, and a sixteenth century guesthouse. The asking price for this castle is about €7 million.

Another example is Acquabella that is located in the gorgeous setting of the Vallombrosa Nature Reserve, near the Abbey of the same name. The castle has been restored to perfection, boasting a total of about 5,000 square metres of indoor space.

An early 20th-century castle found on the coast between Livorno and Castiglioncello, provide stunning sea views. This castle has 700 square metres of indoor space over four floors and two crenellated towers. The castle property features a lush park with palm trees, oaks, age-old pines and exotic plants.

On sale for for €2.5 million is another property – Castello di Sapia. This castle was named after a main character in an episode of Canto XIII of Dante’s Purgatory. Located near Monteriggioni, Italy, this castle is nestled in the timeless countryside, but does need a complete restoration.

For those with a bigger budget and wanting a luxury castle, there were several that range in price between €10 and €20 million or more.

In Lombardy, you’ll find several manor houses for sale, including an impressive castle near Milan. This luxurious castle (photo above) is surrounded by a circle of medieval walls, protected by a typical moat, with six crenellated towers, the castle has 8,800 square metres of indoor space with adjoining stables, chapel and private cemetery. The property features a beautiful, Italian-style garden, in addition to a large swimming pool set in a nineteenth-century bath.

One impressive is castle is Castello di Tavolese. This amazing private castle once belonged to the illustrious Farinata degli Uberti and Canigiani families, Petrarch’s mother belonging to the dynasty of the latter. The castle offers 7,676 square metres of indoor space and 62 hectares of parkland. There are also other buildings on site such as a church and several farmhouses.

If you are interested in learning more about these private castles for sale in Italy, please contact The Life of Luxury. Return to follow this luxury blog to read about other luxury real estate news and luxury properties for sale.


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