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Hotel Chocolat
Courtesy of: Hotel Chocolat

CHOCOLATE! Just the word alone has power to make mouths water and conjure up a thousand images of well deserved treats, gorgeous desserts, warming drinks and fondly remembered moments that spring even from the earliest of childhood years.

In fact chocolate has become so much a natural part of life, a daily sight on grocery store shelves, restaurant sweet trolleys and coffee shop menus that no one ever questions whether it has become too mediocre, too boring, and just too plain ordinary.

Chocolate should be exciting. It should be fun, a true feast for the senses from the moment it is made to the moment it is swallowed. Chocolate should be passionate and brilliant; an experience to be talked about and longed for and shared with pleasure.

This is the thinking behind Hotel Chocolat and it is the continuing driving principal guiding Angus Thirlwell and Peter Harris as they embark on a quest to put new thrill into chocolate for consumers across the United States.

From small beginnings as a mail order supplier in the UK through to an award-winning website that has brought a dedicated following of chocolate connoisseurs from all over the world, and now to exclusive retail stores that are growing in numbers around the country.

Hotel Chocolat is committed to making gourmet chocolate gifts that involve the cocoa growers who farm the beans on their own historically significant plantation in St. Lucia, as much as it does the master chocolatiers who craft the final artistic flair on their latest creations.

Hotel Chocolat
Courtesy of: Hotel Chocolat

Using only premium ingredients, Hotel Chocolat is firmly dedicated to the ethics of the whole chocolate experience because chocolate is and always will be a very personal part of life. Whether it is enjoyed in a moment of quiet after a busy day, or as a special treat for a job well down, or given as gift on an important occasion, chocolate is not just food, it is state of mind, a sensory pleasure that is made all the more enjoyable for the passion that has gone into making it.

From within the beautiful wrapping and tastefully crafted boxes, come handmade treasures to be admired like precious jewels, and Hotel Chocolat produce a range of luxurious quality pieces to suit every palate, every taste, every season and celebration.

From giant slabs that are so wonderfully artful it almost seems a shame to break into them, through gift boxes and collections of all sizes designed to suit every pocket, there are mints to be shared after dinner, chocolate truffles to indulge in, tangy fruits bathed in liquor, and rich new textures to be discovered in dipping adventures that are a just as much fun for one or two people to play with as they are for a whole party to enjoy.

Hotel Chocolat even inspire chocolate drinkers and open up whole new recipe ingredients for chefs at home to explore, adding that memorable ‘wow factor’ to cakes and cookies that are bound to keep the family coming back for more!


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