Narcissus Safe by Döttling – World’s Most Expensive Home Safe

Dottling "Narcissus" safe
Courtesy of: Döttling

The world’s most expensive and luxurious safe is the Karl Lagerfeld-designed “Narcissus” by Döttling. The name is derived  from a character from Greek Mythology, who fell in love with his own reflection.

The Döttling Safe “Narcissus” model, is a spectacular hand-crafted, high security and futuristic product. The Narcissus is custom-made with a limited production of thirty safes.

Weighing in at an indestructible 800 kilos (1,600 pounds) and 1.80 m high and 1.0 m wide, the “Narcissus” breaks through previous aesthetic and technical limits.

Its slim, steel-bodied exterior is sheathed in high-gloss, chrome-plated aluminum – giving the appearance of a flawless glass case. However, its owner-recognition technology allows for simple operation – just a wave of the hand provides access to the treasures stored in a revolutionary room.

Watch winders, jewelry drawers and innumerable custom-designed compartments keep valuables safe. The “Narcissus” is custom-made at a designer’s price of €250,000 or $340,000.

According to Lisa Adams, LA Closet Design founder, the Narcissus design was inspired by the classic combination of form and function. Functionality is met by unmatchable security, and form is undeniably found in its startlingly sleek, glamorous exterior and its luxurious interior.

“I am not interested in what people want. I’ve designed a safe that I would like to own and which will stand in my home. Markus Döttling built it for me,” commented Karl Lagerfeld, referring to his masterpiece.

A timeless design combined with the ultimate in security makes Karl Lagerfeld and Döttling Safes’ Narcissus a remarkable innovation and a uniquely appropriate piece for contemporary keeping of personal treasures. Narcissus is available exclusively through LA Closet Design, <> .


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