Modest is the New Classy: Cartier Watches

Cartier watch

I’m a firm believer that no matter how fancy, as soon as you introduce gaudiness into an item, it begins to look cheap.

Diamonds is the ultimate symbol of luxury, but if one starts wearing diamond-encrusted coats with matching hat and scarf, the look screams more Jersey Shore than Audrey Hepburn; not to mention the backlash an overly flashy ensemble would elicit.

With the same concerns in mind, Cartier, the indisputable brand of sophistication is introducing discreet watches to assuage luxury-goods guilt.

With a prestigious client list that includes the star of Russia and the late and great Elizabeth Taylor, Cartier is focusing on watches with more understated class than ostentatious displays of wealth. Not skimping on jewels, diamond, gold, and other precious stones and metals, Cartier will show complicated timepieces and watches at the SIHH watch fair in Geneva.

The new product, Tank Anglaise, is available in three colors of gold as well as a gold and steel version. It’s said to be the biggest introduction since the Balloon Bleu. Balloon Bleu watches was first introduced to the market in 2007 and stood apart from its competitors with round cases and a crown set with sapphire.

Standard model of the Balloon Bleu begin at 10,000 euros while the diamond-encrusted versions are worth hundreds of thousands of euros.

Class, sophistication, and the agility to roll with the current socio-economic times are just a few of the reasons for Cartier’s revenue and market share growth.


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