Luxury “The Churchill” Wooden Chest from Whittle & Wallis

The Churchill wooden chest

Whittle & Wallis is a maker of fine wooden furniture products. The British company has long produced innovative products, including the announcement of their new “The Churchill” wooden chest.

Whittle & Wallis designs and manufactures all their luxury wood products in England. Their designs are practical and each piece is beautiful. Whether you are redecorating an existing home or moving into a new one, Whittle & Wallis will definitely improve the look of your decor.

The look of a home is an extension of our own personality. You want furniture pieces that accent and also accentuate your decor. Picking the right luxury product can be time consuming, but oh so worth it.

The Churchill wooden chest is the ultimate home accessory. “There are wooden chests and there are wooden chests. This is the latter.” Well said.

The Churchill wooden chest

This innovative product was well designed and professionally made. The wood chest is carefully handcrafted from the finest English oak. The look is simply stunning. Ths luxurious wooden chest is full of features and pleasant surprises.

Below is a brief summary of the feature of the new “The Churchill” wooden chest.
• Two leather-lined trays
• Full attaché case-style design inlaid into the lid
• Concealed iPad holder
• Suede-lined watch box and secret jewelry compartment
• A secret spirit bottle holder
• Swing-out crystal glass cabinet with engraved tumblers and handmade coasters
• Rear storage drawer
• Drinks companion set, including rosewood corkscrew, anti-drip pourer, vacuum pump stopper and handmade hip flask
• Hidden wine bottle compartment

You know you are purchasing item of high quality. The wood is elegant. Inside the chest, you’ll notice it is lined throughout with incredible, hand-stitched leather. This wooden chest is luxury, both inside and out.

The wooden chest can be purchased for a price of £14,500 + vat. More details are available on the company’s web site.

Looking for luxury decor? Consider buying the new The Churchill wooden chest from Whittle & Wallis. Return again to follow our luxury blog. Read about more luxury decor products from the best manufacturers in the world.

Photo: Whittle & Wallis


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