Elegant Chairs From BRYCLA – For That Special Occasion

BRYCLA chair

BRYCLA manufactures luxurious chairs that are used at a variety of high-end events and occasions including: Royal/Celebrity weddings and VIP functions.

Research conducted by the chairmaker discovered that when people get married, they only have the same old rental chair to sit on. It doesn’t matter whether they have spent $20,000,000 or just $2,000 on a wedding … it’s the same old rental chair.

BRYCLA chairs are used at only the worlds most exclusive events where a client desires nothing short of perfection, yet also demands a product that no one else would have used at a previous another wedding or function.

The mission of BRYCLA is to manufacture luxury chairs that provide their clients a bespoke product that no one else would have seen before and transforms any venue.

Since the company only sells direct, hey can offer amazing prices. BRYCLA wholesale prices are £2,000 for their stunning 22 carat gold plated “Royal” chair and £360 for the Chrome “Platinum” chair.


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