Hot Spring Spas – New Water Care System Using Diamonds

Hot Spring Spas
Photo: Hot Spring® Spas

Hot Spring Spas is proud to be the world’s number one selling brand of portable spas.  The company has recently introduced revolutionary water care system using DIAMONDS (specifically a special diamond electrode)!

It’s an ACE™ salt water sanitizing system and the first and only integrated hot tub salt water sanitizing system that uses diamond technology.

This Hot Spring Spas innovation allows consumers to make it easier to care for their spa with fewer bottled cleaners. The result is simple – fresh, clean water, amongst other benefits.

The ACE system provides a more a simplified approach to hot tub ownership. There is less time concerned about maintenance, and more peace of mind reaping its benefits (minimizes daily or weekly water care maintenance requirements of traditional systems to once a month).

Homeowners can now create a custom-designed retreat in their backyard that is complete with a luxury hot tub they can enjoy year round with both family and friends.

Hot Spring Spas
Photo: Hot Spring® Spas

Although it scares many people, integrating a hot tub into a backyard and landscaping doesn’t have to be difficult nor complicated. It’s well known that maintenance of a spa is one of the biggest deterrent among today’s homeowners.

The new Hot Spring Spas system provides a more hands-free approach to water care, so users can just focus on relaxation, hydrotherapy/wellness benefits, reconnecting with family and friends, a romantic retreat, or simply utilizing their hot tub as a stress-free transitional space between work and home.

Hot Spring spa models include: Vista® (seats 6), Grandee® (seats 7), Envoy® (seats 5), Aria® (seats 5), Vanguard® (seats 6), Sovereign® (seats 6), Prodigy® (seats 5), and Jetsetter® (seats 3).

The new ACE system is available as an optional addition for Hot Spring spas built on or after August 5, 2009.

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