Yoga and Wellness Retreat at Lumeria Maui, Hawaii

Lumeria Maui - Hawaii wellness retreat

Lumeria Maui is Hawaii’s leading retreat for the mind, body and spirit and have partnered with David Bernstein’s Life Force Project to offer two back-to-back yoga and wellness retreats this summer.

It’s important to heal your mind, body and spirit and take a break from the daily stress in our lives. What better place to do that but in tropical Hawaii.

Lumeria Maui is a six-acre, award-winning destination that employs leading teachers and wellness professionals. It’s the ideal way to experience holistic educational experiences, yoga, therapies, in addition to other age-old disciplines that have carefully been woven into Hawaii’s pioneering wave sports and adventure.

The two retreats are the “Enchanted Healing – A Yoga Journey Within” which will be taught by Bee Bosnak. This retreat is offered between July 25-31, 2015. Soon after the “Yoga for the Radiant Soul” retreat is led by Sibyl Buck and held August 1-7, 2015.

The Life Force Project develops international wellness experiences, workshops and customized programs that are focused on connecting, expanding and evolving lives. David Bernstein is both founder and owner of Life Force Project and created it in 2013 after discovering his own inspiration during a journey into mindfulness, health and well-being. He then decided to leave fast-paced world of finance behind forever.

Lumeria Maui, Hawaii wellness retreat

Bee Bosnak is a highly desired yoga teacher and healer from New York City. She will guide students during the “Enchanted Healing” retreat via her Heal Yourself program. The program explores the strength of the physical body and at the same time, releases both suffering and emotional burdens. By utilizing both pranayama and asanas to create a mind-body connection, Bee also uses meditations, mantras and both gentle vinyasa and restorative yoga to improve each student’s emotional and physical bodies.

During the “Yoga for the Radiant Soul” retreat at Lumeria Maui, Sibyl Buck who a former high-fashion model and worked at some the top fashion icons in France such as – Chanel, Yves St. Laurent and Alexander McQueen. Buck will focus on developing power and strength, plus body restoration and relaxation by way of her various classes. Sibyl’s classes will integrate muscle strengthening, body alignment, postures and guided meditations. The goal of the course is to revive the body and encourage students to explore their own inner dimensions of the essential self.

This years courses at Lumeria Maui continues its efforts as one of Hawaii’s premiere destinations for education and adventure for both your body and mind. Their programs feature holistic experiences that cover diverse areas of wellness arts and practices. Lumeria has a goal to always honor the rich heritage, culture and land of the Hawaiian islands. In addition, they want to integrate the property’s design, programming and teaching into all aspects of the Lumeria Maui experience.

Each retreat program includes resort accommodations on Maui, plus all planned activities and dining at Lumeria’s restaurant MuBu. MuBu sources its dining ingredients first right on the property’s own organic gardens. In addition, they utilize neighboring farms in upcountry Maui.

If you are interested in traveling to tropical Hawaii and attend one of the two, yoga and wellness retreats at Lumeria Maui, contact The Life of Luxury today. We can help plan and book your entire travel itinerary. If you are looking for more luxury travel and health packages, return and follow this luxury blog.


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