Italian Menswear – Luxury Fashion Statement

Italian Menswear Suit

In comparison to women’s fashion, the look of menswear barely changes from year to year, and even generation to generation. That’s a point of pride for some stylish men, like Fiat scion Lapo Elkann, who wears the expertly tailored suits he inherited from his immaculately dressed grandfather, Gianni Agnelli, with flair.

But well-dressed men who notice such details as the height of a lapel, the texture of a cashmere sweater or the polish strokes on a pair of shoes are aware that the best makers of menswear update their collections constantly.

Technical innovation leads to fabrics that regulate body head, repel water or power an Ipod. Eco-consciousness triggers the use of wood pulp, bamboo and organically grown fibers in clothing fabrics. A global demand for luxury fuels the addition of such decadent touches as fur, exotic skins and limited edition items in collections. And the ever-changing style tide brings new colors, patterns, silhouettes and ensembles to the forefront of every season.

The Italians remain the undisputed leaders in the luxury menswear arena, and our twice-a-year visit to their showrooms and trade show displays reveal what stylish men will want to wear in the months ahead.

In this guide, we preview the collections that men will be wearing next fall/winter. We saw the sample suits, outerwear, shoes and accessories this past January in Florence and Milan, alongside the menswear buyers from the world’s top department stores and specialty retailers as they selected what to carry in their own stores next fall.

On many occasions, prices were not yet established and designers could not yet say whether select items would indeed be carried in certain corners of the world. But well-defined style trends and key pieces worthy of pre-orders emerged, and this guide will make sure you are among the first to know about them.

Hot trends for men when the temperature drops will include the return of the three-piece suit, elbow patches on sport coats, knitwear as light as a cloud, Prince of Wales plaid, detachable fur collars and linings on outerwear, eco-friendly fabrics, high-tech performance fabrics, and exotic skins given a suede finish.

And as seen for several seasons now, small details that only come from old-fashioned hand-tailoring (working button holes, hand-stitched lapels, custom linings, brush strokes on shoes) are codes for quality.  Article by: Elite Traveler


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