Artist Pavan Ahluwalia Offers Hand Painted Henna Shoes

Pavan Ahluwalia Hand Painted Shoes Inspired by Henna

Designer Pavan Ahluwalia currently holds the Guinness World Record for the fastest Henna application. In a single hour, Pavan painted an incredible 511 armbands in February 2012. Each record breaking design was unique from the other.

Pavan has worked with many recognized brands and celebrities from around the world including: Harrods, Selfridges, Sky tv, and the BBC on a variety of high-profile artistic projects.

Her latest henna project involves hand painted ladies shoes, which are gold painted and raised to add depth. The gold paint plus diamantes which are also applied, last and stay on the shoes.

The stunning looking  shoes are made of patent leather and are high quality. The shoe’s heel height is slightly under 6 inches tall.

Pavan creatively transforms intricate patterns into beautiful pieces of art. What makes the work of Pavan so special is her attention to detail by integrating unique facets into her work.

The custom henna designer women shoes are available in any color scheme upon request. These truly luxury shoes are incredibly beautiful. The retail price for the luxury shoes is British Pounds 150.

For those with a strong desire to learn the art of henna, can take a course from Pavan Ahluwalia. You’ll gain the valuable knowledge of different styles of henna and body art. Pavan is looking for students who are dedicated to improving upon their own talents as a henna artist. The art courses are taught by Pavan at a central London art studio.

If you are interested in purchasing a pair of henna designer shoes from Pavan, please contact The Life of Luxury.


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