Going Green With The Samsung Blue Earth Cell Phone

Samsung Blue Earth cell phone

It was just a matter of time before the whole “go green” revolution hit the cell phone industry.

Now introducing “Blue Earth”. It’s being advertised as the the world’s first solar-powered touchscreen handset. Similar to the Motorola Renew, Blue Earth is manufactured out of recycled water bottles.

Want to keep track of how far you’ve walked? The Blue Earth includes a pedometer that helps tree huggers tally how many trees they have saved by walking instead of driving a vehicle.

There isn’t a lot of information available on the Blue Earth. More details are planned after the recent Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona, Spain.

The only thing known is a non-working mockup form, but the hardware is certainly looking very good. Samsung is touting its eco-packaging and built-in energy-saving functionality.

Hopefully Samsung will soon be able to announce pricing and availability information, as well as details on Blue Earth’s built-in camera, internal storage, media features, and data capabilities.

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