Give Dad DEWAR’S 18-Year Old Scotch Whisky for Father’s Day

DEWAR’S 18-Year Old Scotch Whisky

With Father’s Day just around the corner, looking for that perfect gift for your dad? Consider DEWAR’S 18-Year Old Scotch Whisky.

DEWAR recently introduced its brand-new packaging in time for Father’s Day. Although the iconic Scotch whisky inside remains the same, the new leather package and masterfully redesigned bottle reflect a blending of the rich DEWAR’S heritage with the modern aesthetic of today’s man.

A bit of history … DEWAR’S was actually founded by a father-son team (John Dewar Sr and sons John Dewar Jr. and Tommy Dewar), so we think it could be a great fit for dad!

DEWAR is widely known for its unique bespoke double-aging process, an extra step taken to give DEWAR’S 18-Year Old its remarkable smoothness and depth of character.

This extra step creates a smoother blend, with a long, lingering finish. DEWAR’S is as famous for its quality taste as it is for its family heritage, making it the perfect gift for the refined and sophisticated man in your life, who appreciates the family history and the cultural significance behind this iconic brand.

DEWAR’S has perfected its master blend from generation to generation, starting with John Dewar Sr. in 1846, and continuing with his sons, John Dewar Jr. and Tommy Dewar, who worked to build DEWAR’S into one of the largest whisky brands in the world, and the top selling blended Scotch whisky in the United States.

Make a bottle of DEWAR’S 18-Year Old Scotch Whisky the perfect Father’s Day gift. Just as the Dewar’s brothers honored their father’s legacy by making Dewar’s the best-selling Scotch Whisky in the world, honor your father on June 17th with a gift that’s worth giving.


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