World’s Oldest Drinkable Champagne Discovered in Baltic Sea

Champagne bottle popping

Near the Aland Islands (between Finland and Sweden) in the Baltic Sea, divers made an amazing discovery. It’s possible they have found the world’s oldest drinkable champagne!

The divers came across the vintage champagne while diving near a shipwreck at the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

The centuries-old bottles of champagne is an incredible find, particularly since the bottles are still preserved and more importantly … drinkable.

After tasting the vintage champagne, Christian Ekstrom who was the dive instructor states, it “tasted fantastic.”

The discovered champagne is believed to be from the 1780′s.

Ekstrom was quoted on Saturday that he’s “98 percent sure” of the champagne’s age. He has conferred that with experts.

The total find included about 30 bottles of champagne.

If genuine, Swedish wine expert Carl-Jan Granqvist believes each bottle to bring in as much as Euro 50,000. Further testing is being done in France.


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