Exploring the Shoreline of Sardinia by Quadski


The glittering Emerald Coast of Sardinia is a true Italian gem and a cozy retreat for celebrities and affluent visitors who enjoy the finer things in life. With crystal clear waters, ancient monoliths, rustic rolling farmlands and untouched natural splendor, it’s no wonder that Sardinia is such a sought after summer destination. Now you can enjoy sheer freedom and complete pleasure on the shoreline of Sardinia as you explore the sights and sounds of the Emerald.

Coast on your Quadski:
The Quadski is the new must have superyacht toy, a prestigious BMW engine, reactionary wheel retraction and high powered speeds allow this amphibious vehicle to explore both the land and the sea, meaning you can truly get off the beaten track. After your superyacht docks in a prestigious port or anchored off in a secluded bay, you can take to the waves and discover Sardinia’s elusive draw and secret spots.

Sweeping Sand Dunes:
The beaches of Sardinia offer golden sunlit cliffs laced in green, peach sands and sparkling jade colored waters that are always welcoming. Those wanting to embrace solitude, nature and adventure should head for the sweeping Piscinas Dunes near Arbus. The towering dunes cling to the sky, and the gentle sea breeze continues to carve and shape them throughout the day. The effect making you feel like you are visiting the dreamscape of Dali’s paintings as the landscape melts and curves and changes.


Dazzling Marine Grottos:
The dazzling Grotta di Nettuno in Alghero offers a spectacular sight for Quadski cruisers. The ruptured sea wall hiding the lovely town twinkles with illuminated rock formations and white foam crashing gently at the maze of hidden coves. The dramatic marine display of Neptune’s Grotto can be reached by passing through the luscious deep waters rippling beneath Porto Conte, which is an adventure in itself.

Sweet Pesto and Wine:
The shores of Olbia are the best place to stop for a spot of lunch with the Dolceacqua being a sumptuous choice for Sardinian zest. The award winning blend of rustic ingredients with a modern and innovative twist and plenty of sea fresh flavors are sure to satiate every appetite. Flaky sea bream, sweet, nutty homemade pesto and golden honeyed wines offer a bounty of beauty for the palate.

Virgin Beauty on La Maddalena Archipelago:
Breath-taking beauty, Mother Natures touch and shimmering sands and sea are waiting to embrace you in the heart of La Maddalena Archipelago. This incredible collection of islands has been declared a UNESCO heritage site and with its transparent waters, blushing rose colored sands and complete preservation of nature, it is a dream spot to explore on your Quadski.

Castelsardo Italy

Crumbling Walls of Castelsardo:
Enjoy a historic stop laced in Medieval magic and Italian charm at Castelsardo, voted one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. Explore the turrets, crumbling walls and majestic sea views of the castle, walk the winding alleys over spilling with hand woven baskets and other trinkets and admire the Neolithic tombs cut into the rock.

Summertime Glitz:
Il Portico in Porto Cervo is the place to be seen on your superyacht toy. This popular celebrity hangout offers stylish, intimate surroundings and incredible canapés. Admire the blissful views, relish in first-class company and let the glamor of the Emerald Coast sweep you away.

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