Enjoy a Delicious Summer Cocktail – Luce del Sole

Luce del Sole cocktail

For a fine dining experience in downtown SoHo in New York City, consider the Osteria Morini restaurant. Chef Michael White serves great tasting Emilia-Romagna cuisine and after a wonderful meal, try a Luce del Sole cocktail.

Summer is the ideal time to enjoy a delicious summer cocktail. The Luce del Sole means “sunlight” in Italian and is made with FACUNDO NEO. The cocktail also includes honey syrup, Montanaro liquore in addition to a bit of floral flavors from the Dandelion Burdock bitters.

Osteria Morini is a casual Italian restaurant that’s a very popular place to dine for both visitors to New York City as well as locals. The establishment is perfect for either a romantic couple or large groups.

Whether you meet friends for a drink after work, or want to try a cocktail during or after your Italian meal at Osteria Morini restaurant, enjoy a Osteria Morini cocktail.

If you would like to make this cocktail at home for your next party or social gathering, here is the recipe.

Luce del Sole by Osteria Morini

– 2 parts FACUNDO NEO
– ¼ parts Honey Syrup (4 parts honey, 1 part water)
– ½ part Montanaro Liquore alla Camomilla
– Dash Dandelion Burdock Bitters
– Lemon twist
– Orange twist

Combine ingredients in a glass shaker, stir and strain over large ice in a double Old Fashioned glass. Express oils from lemon and orange twists and trim to rectangles. Garnish twists as an X.

Ready for a luxury travel experience? Allow The Life of Luxury to help plan and book your Big Apple stay. Be sure to enjoy a meal at Osteria Morini restaurant and try a Luce del Sole cocktail. Come back again to follow our luxury blog and read about other food, drink and travel stories.


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