Martell’s Tasty Tips on Being a Cognac Connoisseur

Martell Cognac
Martell Cognac

To me, cognac is one of the hardest things to evaluate.  Unlike wines, where you can appreciate the fruit, spice, or woody flavor and undertones, cognac is created from fruit brandy, eau de vie, intended for distillation and aging.  Martell now has tasty tips on how to enjoy distinguished features of each type of cognac.

Best known for its cognac, Martell remains to be the oldest and one of the most prestigious brand of its kind.  Part of Martell’s success and longevity is its craftsmanship in the creation of cognac.  Martell carefully selects specific crus, has a strict double distillation method and aging process, and uses only vins clairs and grains fins.

Now they have taken that same approach to gastronomy (the art and science of food and culture): Pure Gourmet.

Eric Danger and Christophe Pienkowski, the two resident chefs of Martell’s Château de Chanteloup, alongside Martell’s Cellar Master Benoit Fil, developed an ingredient-centric recipes that blend each of Martell’s cognac with three key ingredients that highlights its characteristics.

Coined as “the perfect bite”, Benoit Fil explained the that it “consists of three ingredients but you can decide the way that you discover the facet of each iconic recipe by mixing the three central elements however you wish.  Each recipe should be served with its corresponding Martell cognac.”  Pure Gourmet is the perfect union of food and beverage.


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