Customize Your Lamborghini at the Ad Personam Studio

Lamborghini at the Ad Personam Studio

Owning a Lamborghini supercar is a dream for many car connoisseurs. The sleek body style, top speeds and an expensive price tag are the allure to actually own one. When you are ready to buy your own Lamborghini, be sure to choose your dream car at the Ad Personam Studio vehicle customization studio.

You will find the Lamborghini headquarters in Sant’Agata Bolognese. This historic town in Italy is the place to be. Choose all your options and customize your own Lambo. How exciting is that?

The new Ad Personam vehicle customization studio has already become quite popular. Over 50% of new Lamborghini owners are utilizing the Ad Personam program. That may seem like a high number. But Lamborghini have the money to fly to Italy and get exactly what they want in their new luxury car.

Lamborghini Ad Personam Studio

Owners are anxious to choose the colors, interior trim and various materials of their own super sports car. As a result, owners will be assisted by an Ad Personam specialist. It’s a unique VIP experience Lamborghini offers its loyal customers.

Prioe to the decision process, owners will received a guided factory tour. In addition, they can view be potential configurations of different Huracán and Aventador models. That alone is a huge thrill. By viewing the various options in person, it can assist each customer when it comes time to decide for themselves.

Once inside the Ad Personam Studio, you will see the variety of colors, leathers, materials, rims and seats on display. The sophisticated showroom includes an advanced car configurator. It’s perfect to see a digital simulation of your possible options. Head over to the lounge area. Once there, view a display of your custom Lamborghini model.

The initial Ad Personam program started back in 2006. A dedicated team of Lamborghini representatives was added in 2013. Each rep has experience covering the various car options. The luxury supercar brand has introduced greater than 50 new colors wince 2013. The result is many more options to pick from. Therefore each customer can create a unique car to fit their desire. In addition, new fine leathers have been added such as semi-aniline leather. For the interior, decide from various types of Alcantara.

As a result of the tailored consulting service at the Ad Personam Studio, each customer achieves getting what they really want. A custom Lamborghini supercar, customized to their liking. For example, Forged Composite has become a popular material choice. This carbon fiber material has been patented by Lamborghini. Use it to pimp your Aventador in the car’s interior and/or on the roof.

Lamborghini Ad Personam Studio leather

During your visit to Italy, be sure to take time to do some sightseeing. First, finish up your important business at the Ad Personam Studio. Customize your dream Lamborghini supercar and then enjoy time traveling the Italian countryside or popular cities. Rome, Venice, Milan, Florence, Turan, Naples, Palermo and many more await. Italy is rich in history and culture.

The Life of Luxury can help plan and book your trip to Italy. Pick your custom Lamborghini options at the Ad Personam Studio. Follow our luxury blog fore the best luxury car and travel stories.

Photo: Lamborghini


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