Cross the World’s Largest Pedestrian Bridge – Europaweg Skywalk in Switzerland

Europaweg Skywalk pedestrian bridge - Switzerland

Now make your luxury travel plans to cross the world’s largest pedestrian bridge in Switzerland. Built by Swiss engineers, this new pedestrian bridge is named the Europaweg Skywalk. It’s the latest attraction to enjoy the magical Swiss Alps.

The impressive, new pedestrian footbridge measures almost one third of a mile long. Located near Zermatt, Switzerland the Europaweg Skywalk pedestrian bridge towers about 28 stories above a vast ravine. This pedestrian-only suspension bridge is another engineering marvel.

Extensive studies turned into an amazing bridge design. As a result, the Europaweg Skywalk pedestrian bridge utilizes guywires plus additional anti-sway technology. Therefore, the bridge does not sway as much as other bridges that are much shorter in length. Pedestrians who cross can have that extra feeling of safety. The mid-section of any suspension bridge can have movement. But for hikers who cross, there is only a slight bounce detected. The side to side sway is minimal at best.

Alpenwild is the top leader in adventure travel in the Swiss Alps of Switzerland. The travel company integrates the new Europaweg Skywalk pedestrian bridge into its travel itineraries. A few are Eiger to Matterhorn, Chamonix-Zermatt Haute Route and day hikes in Zermatt.

Greg Witt is the Alpenwild founder. He was quoted, “Hikers love it – it is a real adrenaline rush. As part of the Europaweg trail near Zermatt, the bridge has been an immediate sensation for trekkers on our trips, who previously had to make a three-hour detour to avoid the danger of rockfall.”. In addition, he adds, “The hike is best done in the morning, as the rising sun crests over the mountain and lights up the bridge. You’re sure to get some great photos – but you just can’t photograph adrenaline.

Europaweg Skywalk pedestrian bridge - Switzerland

Europaweg Skywalk opened in July of this year. The construction cost of the pedestrian bridge cost just over $775,000. The construction project took only 10 weeks. The bridge measures 1,621 feet long. It towers 7,218 feet above sea level, over the rocky, Zermatt ravine. About 250 hikers can safely cross the bridge at a time. Another piece of trivia for you. The new bridge takes the place of one that was destroyed in 2010. It was a victim of a rockfall.

Talk about a bridge with a view! The Europaweg Skywalk offers incredible views of Weisshorn. This mighty peak measures 14,783 feet high. In addition, it is one of the highest mountain peaks in the Swiss Alps. You can also take in the gorgeous glaciers that surround the mountain’s slopes.

The Europaweg Skywalk got its name from its location at the end of a long-distance hiking trail, named Europaweg or Europe Trail. The impressive footbridge is made form steel. It also has a grated steel foot bed. Hikers can gaze down into the gaping chasm from above. Hope you don’t have a fear of heights.

Make your travel plans to Switzerland and hike the Swiss Alps. Be sure to cross the world’s largest pedestrian bridge – Europaweg Skywalk. You love sharing luxury travel updates in our luxury blog. Where do you want to go?

Photos: Alpenwild


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