L’arc Casino in Macau

L'Arc Macau Casino

Since Macau was handed back to China from Portugal, the region has experienced some serious upgrades in the tourist attraction department.

Thanks in large part by billionaire mogul Stanley Ho’s vision, Macau is now a true sight to behold, almost literally overflowing with brilliantly designed, modern casino resorts.

The 88-year-old Ho hasn’t slowed down a step over the past few decades. Along with his team, Ho has built nearly a dozen world-class resorts, and his news venture, the L’arc Casino, keeps pace as a truly lavish resort.

L’arc Casino is located in Macau’s majestic Royal District and towers up toward the skyline in brilliant fashion. The building is quite unique in its architecture.

The bottom floors are the casino. This space is wide and luxurious, containing some odes to Parisian architecture. Sitting directly atop the casino is the hotel high-rise. The traditional-meet-modern look and feel of this resort is a much welcomed addition to the already-packed landscape of Macau.

With this casino, Ho’s SLM team has skyrocketed to nearly 50% of the market share in Macau, and they’re showing no signs of slowing down. Because of this luxurious casino, overall revenue for the city has also jumped up some 17%.

All told, this is Ho’s 33rd casino project, but only a handful of them have been this systematically and meticulously designed to stand out as not only original and inviting, but breathtaking and as a must-see attraction for any Macau tourist.

You could play best online casino games for years and probably not run across any animated graphics that pique your interests the way the inside of L’arc Casino does. The 57-floor tower has a mix of both hotel rooms and residential condominiums that stand out as sleek and ultra modern. The inside of the casino is like a journey back in time to when Persia reigned over the landscape.

The contradiction is pulled off beautifully and L’arc Casino in Macau is truly a spot to visit for all vacationers seeking a little slice of luxury.


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