Cool Chaises Heat Up Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor Chaise Lounge
Courtesy of: Home Infatuation

Whether you entertain outdoors or just want to enjoy some quiet time in you backyard, chic and sassy outdoor seating offers versatile options for homeowners.

Hi-tech, recyclable modular seating redefines outdoor living. With the transformation of the patio into a personal luxury haven, comes the modernistic and innovative modular style of outdoor furniture.

Sculptural lounge seating made of molded foam and synthetics are transformed into one-piece designs. The bright white pieces create an environment of sleek sophistication and can be customized and softened with colorful pillows.

Contemporary modular seating is ideal for adventurous homeowners who want versatile, one-of-kind looks in their outdoor rooms.

All-weather designs. Outdoor seating continues to trend towards contemporary design and innovative construction materials.

The latest styles are more imaginative and stylish, pushing the creative envelope with looks from curvaceous to elliptical to geometric.

With new ways to get cozy outside, luxury seekers are enticed by unusual weather-resistant designs such as melon-shaped wicker chairs and luxuriously intimate daybeds.

Classic-Contemporary. Contemporary style combined with traditional motifs are reinterpreted for today’s chic outdoor furniture. Modernistic inspired pieces mimic fashion couture.

Sweet Dreams. Vibrant colors, comfy coziness and shapely motifs. Modern outdoor daybeds offer a cocoon-like and idyllic oasis for long afternoon naps, reading, and poolside breaks. Whether free-flowing or edgy-abstract, daybeds are extremely comfortable and provide a stunning centerpiece for the outdoor space.

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