Blue Whirlwind – Skeletonized Tourbillon Minute Repeater Watch by Grieb & Benzinger

Grieb & Benzinger - The Blue Whirlwind luxury watch
Grieb & Benzinger – The Blue Whirlwind

Luxury watchmaker Grieb & Benzinger just announced the release of a stunning new luxury watch – the Blue Whirlwind.

The Blue Whirlwind is the world’s first watch that is powered by a visible tourbillon movement by Patek Philippe. The watch is based on a rare skeletonized tourbillon minute repeater caliber.

The Blue Whirlwind watch movement was totally altered to display the world-class style characteristic of Grieb & Benzinger. The Blue Whirlwind is fully skeletonized, guilloché in addition to being engraved by hand.

Luxury watches are more than just a time piece, but a statement of class and fashion. We have covered several incredible Grieb & Benzinger watch designs including the Heaviest Platinum Watches in the World, Dragon Watch Collection, and The Blue Ocean Watch.

Proud to introduce the world’s first visible skeletonized tourbillon based on a Patek Philippe movement, the new Grieb & Benzinger luxury watch also features a base plate that was coated with blue platinum, that’s a unique, signature element of every single unique Grieb & Benzingerpiece that was developed by the firm.

Even gear wheels were embellished with guilloché and the 12 finely guilloché bridges and cocks coated with rhodium and rose gold. As if that were not enough, an additional mysterious wheel, visible on the back side, replaces the original gold drive wheel for the tourbillon.

The watch’s skeletonized Sterling silver dial was designed with an elegant regulator style and embellished with a rare Breguet frosted finish created using the classic method.

The Blue Whirlwind timepiece comes in a solid 43 mm platinum case. The stunning looks would create much attention if worn on one’s wrist. The watch is truly a piece of treasured art but is available to only one single lucky collector.

Asking price is of US $850,000 net (650.000 € net; 775.000 € incl. 19% VAT).


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