Grieb & Benzinger’s Latest Stunning Project: The Blue Ocean Watch

Grieb & Benzinger Blue Watch
Blue Ocean Watch – Grieb & Benzinger

The caliber of craftsmanship by the Grieb & Benzinger is undeniable.  Most luxury brands have their own line of timepieces.  Chanel, Bvlgari, Bulova, Tag Heuer, Tissot, and most notably, Rolex.  They are as much a symbol of status as they are appreciation of art.  But the “Blue Ocean” and the Platinum Collection from Grieb & Benzinger is in a league of its own.

In order to create truly unique timepieces, Grieb & Benzinger collect rare, historical watch movements from all over the world by renowned masters such as Vacheron Contantin andBrequet.

The watch movements are fully stored to normal function, then skeletonized and hand-engraved using tools and equipments from the time periods matching the movements.

Traditional and lost techniques such as hand “guilloch” (a form of engraved decoration from the 1960s) and Brequet style of oversize case mounting in silver and gold, or platinum are just a couple of the lost art techniques utilized by Grieb & Benzinger.  Owning a piece from Grieb & Benzinger’s collection is equivalent to owning a piece of ancient art; a restored DaVinci painting.

Their new artistic restoration is the Blue Ocean, a skeletonized monopusher chronograph based on a column wheel chronograph movement from 1926 housed in a solid platinum case.  In typical Grieb & Benzinger style, the historical movement within this oeuvre has been awakened to enjoy a new life.

Take a look for yourself, the level of artistic, meticulous, and technical soul infused into each timepiece to make it a true “Grieb & Benzinger.”


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