Best Luxury Tech Gifts for the Holidays

Steinway Lyngdorf - Aaudio speaker sound system
Steinway – Lyngdorf Audio System

What do you get for that special someone who has everything or is hard to shop for? As this Christmas holiday shopping season is reaching overload, we wanted to share with you some terrific, “must-have” luxury tech gifts.

Jenna Drey is the co-founder and technology expert of the Miami and Los Angeles based firm Audio One, a business that specializes in home technology innovation and personalization.

Jenna has recommended two of this year’s hottest ultra-luxury tech gifts:

Most Expensive Gift for a Man:

Truly indulge by stepping into a listening room that has no equal. World Class Audio. One button control.

If you want to experience where few ears have gone before; if you want to close your eyes and believe that you are in front of a live symphony while sitting in your living room – you need a Steinway Audio System. For only $250,000.00, you can have the speakers brought to you by the same company as the finest Steinway pianos. You may ask if the speakers are made of gold? Not exactly, buy pretty close! Steinway produces the world’s first full 3-dimensional map of a room’s sound field and adjusts your sound system to overcome spatial influences. By delivering a uniform tonal balance throughout the entire listening space, it ensures extraordinary sound quality from every seat in the house.

What makes them so unique is the Room Perfect auto correction that removes issues with the room itself and envelops the listener with sound. These speakers are able to create a full-range, 7.1 width and volume of sound to encompass a room of virtually any size. This is the Rolls Royce of all speakers. With over 8 CEDIA awards in the past two years let Audio One install them for you this holiday! Audio One is considered North America’s top A/V company. Visit www.Audio– or call Audio-One at 866-200-5850, to discuss sales and installation. (Audio One is a Steinway’s A-Rated dealer).

Gift to your Teenager (or yourself):

Is your teenager interested in music? Do they play an instrument and want to expand their musical creativity? If so, then it’s time to get them away from the TV and into creating MUSIC. Audio One can install a basic recording studio for your guitar playing, keyboard, or music loving family members. Packages start at only $5,000 using an Apple computer. We can also provide speakers, microphones, and all other specialty items. To make it even more exciting, we offer private and group classes for beginner through advanced Pro Tools users in Miami, NY, Dallas, San Diego, Chicago and Atlanta. From concept to install, Audio One can get your studio up and turn your family into a 20th century Partridge Family.


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