OptiShot Simulator – Ultimate In Home Golf Simulation

OptiShot Golf Simulator - Dancin' Dogg
Courtesy of: Dancin’ Dogg

The OptiShot Simulator by Dancin’ Dogg (www.dancingdogg.com) is the ultimate in home golf simulation.

Golfers of all ages are going wild for the OptiShot Simulator ($399.95) by Dancin’ Dogg, the ultimate revolution in virtual golf.

Countless hours of fun, the easy-to-use system lets casual and diehard hackers play replicas of world-renowned courses without ever leaving home.

A plug-and-play interface connects with Windows computers and requires only 8-½ feet of swing space.

With your own golf clubs, now up to four players per round can compete with one another by hitting real balls, foam balls or no ball at all.

OptiShot Simulator provides club defaults that should work very well for most golfers.

Patented Dancin’ Dogg technology uses infrared sensors on a durable swing pad to accurately record your club head speed, face angle and swing path.

The Optishot Simulator offers three different modes for users to try.
1. Practice Zone
2. 3DD Golf Simulator Mode
3. Tiger Woods Mode

The result of playing the OptiShot Simulatoris a true-to-life experience for golfers that will make want to try it again and again.

For additional information on the The OptiShot Simulator, please visit – Dancin’ Dogg


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  1. Lara Smith says:

    Indoor golf simulators are a great way to experience a few holes with some close friends in case you aren’t able to get to the golf course. Now with reasonable prices, it’s now easier than ever to invest in a system for your own home.