Slydial – Go Directly to VoiceMail

Slydog leave voice mail message

We’ve all had times when we hoped nobody would answer a call and go directly to their voice mail.  Want to skip speaking with someone and just leave them a message on their cellular phone?  Now there’s a new technology that makes it possible.

Slydial is free service allowing users to dial a number and be put directly through to their voice mail. Want to leave information with an individual without the chance of them picking up your call? This is where Slydial comes to the rescue.

The process is simple, just use Slydial from a land line or a cellular phone. Dial 267-Sly-Dial (267-759-3425) to leave a message for your intended recipient.

Perhaps it is the middle of the night and you remember that you need to call someone, but forgot to do so during normal business or waking hours. Simply call 267-Sly-dial and leave someone a message on their cellular phone, even if it is 3:00 A.M.

You don’t have to worry about waking them up, and you can leave your message and drift blissfully back asleep, knowing that your message is waiting for your intended recipient the next time they pick up their phone.


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