Enjoy Year-Round Outdoor Entertainment With All-Weather Televisions by SunBriteTV

SunBriteTV Marquee Series all-weather outdoor tv

For many people, when summer winds down outdoor activities stop as well.  Well no more. Enjoy Year-round outdoor entertainment with all-weather televisions by SunBriteTV.

Now you can host the ultimate football party in your backyard with with friends and family. You’ve now got a front-row seat to all kinds of sports action.

A SunBriteTV all-weather outdoor television allows you to watch TV day or night.

The technology featured in SunBriteTV all-weather outdoor television is the same as thier professional grade sets, which are used at many of the country’s most prestigious sports stadiums – New York Yankees, Chicago Bears, Boston Red Sox, Cincinnati Reds, Atlanta Braves and Miami Marlins.

SunBriteTV offers a range of U.S. designed, engineered and manufactured all-weather outdoor televisions that perform beautifully in most locations and conditions. So feel safe watching TV near your deck, swimming pool or barbecue area.

The impressive lineup of outdoor SunBriteTV’s includes three different series of outdoor televisions. These all-weather TV’s are designed for permanent outdoor installation and year-round enjoyment of sports, movies and other entertainment, either during the day or night.

The entire line of SunBriteTV’s all-weather products are engineered to resist rain, humidity, salt air, dust, insects, high reflectivity, and temperature extremes.

The Signature Series is available in the following sizes: 32-, 46-, 55-, and 65-inch and priced from only $1,495 M.S.R.P (3260HD). The top of the line Marquee Series boasts 47- and 55-inch models featuring 700 NIT direct sunlight readable full-HD displays and tempered anti-reflective glass that provides added protection to the LCD screen.

To obtain additional information about SunBriteTV, please visit www.sunbritetv.com


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