World’s Most Expensive Champagne – Leon Verres

Le Billionaire Champagne - Leon Verres

Leon Verres has created “Le Billionaire Champagne”, which is the most expensive and most exclusive Champagne of all time.

A fashion designer has dressed the bottle and adorned it with several hundred sparkling diamonds.

A Russian fur cap, the so-called “Shapka”, additionally underscores the czaristic glory of “Le Billionaire Champagne” and adds the Salmanazar-bottle of this series a breathtaking countenance.

If you want a bottle of Le Billionaire Champagne, it may be difficult to obtain one. Richy billionaires from Russia, Dubai and China have already saved exemplars of the exclusive Champagne of Leon Verres, so that only one exemplar of the precious Salmanazar-bottles is still available. Too bad the price is a whopping $2.75 million.

If that’s outside your budget range, then you many want to purchase a less expensive version of the world’s most expensive champagne – the 0,75 l edition. It’s a relative bargain at only $2,750.

If you hurry, you can actually bid on a .75 mil bottle at Starting bid price is only $1,000 !

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