Luxury Kalamazoo K750HT BBQ Grill

Kalamazoo K750HT bbq grill

Summer is in full swing and backyard BBQ parties are everywhere. If you are looking for a top of the line luxury BBQ, then consider the Kalamazoo K750HT grill.

The Kalamazoo K750HT grill is so popular with avid BBQ’ers, that it even made an appearance on the popular Showtime TV show titled “Ray Donovan.” Respected actor Liev Schreiber plays the lead character.

But Ray’s father “Mickey Donovan” played by legend Jon Voight, who is a both an Oscar® and four-time Golden Globe® winner took delivery of a “top of the line” Kalamazoo K750HT BBQ grill in the season-opening episode that was named “The Kalamazoo.”

Jon Voight tells his fellow TV show, apartment neighbors that they will able to enjoy a great barbecue once the grill was all hooked up.

Grilling season is a great time of the year. Social gatherings are even better with delicious tasting BBQ food, so you want to make sure you have the right grill.

It doesn’t get much more summer than that – a new grill and the promise of a great cookout. Since we are in the heart of the grilling season and Mick just got his new grill, I thought your readers might be interested in learning more about some luxury barbecues in case they want to replace their old ones.

Here are several of the best luxury BBQ grills on the market.

o K750HT ($16,495) or the K1000HS (priced at $25,195) from Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet. A great choice. These luxury grills can cook with gas, wood and charcoal in any combination. They’re handmade in Michigan only when they are ordered

o Komodo Kamado’s Big Bad 32 (priced between $5,900 and $6,100). This high-end luxury grill uses refractory cement to retain heat. This process is same as used in blast furnaces.

o Grillworks’s The Grillery (custom pricing) because it’s one awesome BBQ grill.

o Lynx Smart Grill (priced between $6,000 and $9,499). Ever get lonely grilling? Well this top grill will even talk to you!

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Photo: Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet


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