The Next Luxury – Le Whif, An Inhalable Chocolate

Le Whif Inhaler - Inhalable Chocolate

We all love chocolate. Many times that’s downfall of those trying to watch their waistlines. But what if there was a way to inhale your favorite food, like chocolate?

David Edwards is a Harvard professor and Illinois Institute of Technology graduate and is the inventor of “Le Whif“, an inhalable chocolate.

Along with several of his students, Edwards is using chocolate particles that are only 80 to 300 microns in size, so they’re too large to enter the lungs and cause coughing.

The Le Whif inhaler device actually coats the person’s mouth with the taste of chocolate and it’s less than 1 calorie.

For those you who are already salivating at this cutting edge concept, by the end of the month you’ll be able to purchase 24 “whiff” bundles online for around $50. Each Le Whif whiff will contain four puffs.

Unlike Bill Clinton, you can now proudly say – you do inhale.  Bon appetite !


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