Johnnie Walker Gold Label Ice Pillar

Johnnie Walker Gold Label whisky - Ice Pillar
Johnnie Walker Gold Label Ice Pillar

Whisky maker Johnnie Walker, has created a new way to savour its Gold Label Whisky: serve chilled.

QSLD Paris, a French design agency, was chosen to create the outer pack that’s dedicated to this new tasting.

Now you can freeze your whisky bottle and put it into the Johnnie Walker Ice Pillar. It will keep your bottle of JW whisky cold and will allow you to extend your chilled relishing.

The inner box was inspired by frosted gold leaves and symbolizes Gold Label. The outer box is transparent, it depicts the ice wrapping the item.

Composed of several parts, Johnnie Walker Gold Ice Pillar is covered by a metallic gold anodized ring. The logos are embossed out.

This ring repeats the slanting dynamics of Johnnie Walker Gold’s emblematic label. It makes the product and the brand immediately identifiable and is also used for closing the case.

Founded by Designer Denis Boudard in 1993, QSLD has been at the center of the Luxury scene for more than a decade.


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