World’s Most Expensive Bike – A 24-Carot Gold Ride

Worlds Most Expensive Gold Bike - Aurumania

As millionaires look for more ways to spend their money, they also look for different avenues to be break away from the pack of haves and have nots.

It seems everybody these days has their prized piece of art, luxury yacht or huge diamond jewelry. But what about a gold bicycle?

Scandinavian design company Aurumania, recently launched a limited edition run of 10 of the world’s most expensive bike.

Each of these bikes is hand-built and gold-plated with 24-carat gold. They are then decorated with over 600 Swarovski crystals.

Hand-sewn leather grips and a Brooks leather saddle provide finishing touches to the bike, with each limited edition number embossed with gold leaf and set into a leather badge onto the bike’s headtube.

The price for the golden bike will cost you an eye popping $118,000! I guess that’s chump change for a true millionaire, right?

The company has also created a 24-carat gold wall holder for the bike, so your prized bike can be proudly displayed as a fine work of art.


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