Vivace 26 – A Concept Luxury Speedboat

Vivace 26  Speedboat

Boat designers Garret Miller, Heather Witkop, David Robinson, Matt Wysenski and Julian Romero have developed a concept for a new luxury speedboat, named the Vivace 26.

This luxurious two-seat, speedboat is loaded with power and has a sleek, aerodynamic design.

The Vivace 26 will offer a beefy 650 horsepower, V12 TDI diesel engine. Along with a sleek boat design, you will feel like you’re flying across the open waters.

It’s projected that boat will reach a top speed of more than 80 knots.

The color scheme is a metallic silver base with black and purple accents.

Some of the cutting-edge features of the wedge-shaped boat will include: a fully convertible top, joystick steering, several OLED display screens and hull stabilizers.


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