Viewing James Bond Island From a Luxury Yacht

James Bond Island - 007 in Phuket

Daniel Craig, the latest agent 007, has made James Bond cool again.

James Bond made Koh Ping-gan, a tiny Thai island in Phuket famous and now a favorite tourist destination. The magical island played a starring role along with Roger Moore in the 1974 James Bond movie, The Man With the Golden Gun.

Scenes from the movie featured the hideout of the film’s villain, Scaramanga, were shot there. The location has been named as James Bond Island by the locals and the tourists who are lucky enough to visit this tropical bay.

Like the hundreds of other islands in Phang Nga Province, north-east of Phuket, James Bond Island is a limestone tower capped with lush vegetation rising dramatically out of the deep blue sea.

But for the ultimate luxury experience, the only real way to see James Bond island is from the deck of a luxury cruiser with a glass of chilled champagne in hand.

One such luxury vessel is the Lady Sarojin, a 38 foot cruiser that’s available for exclusive charter to guests at The Sarojin resort in Khao Lak province. The resort is about an hour’s drive north of Phuket.

Like everything at the resort, the boat is luxurious, offering deep, comfortable cushions, soft white towels, lemongrass-scented refresher towels and plenty of flowing champagne.

At lower tides, caves are exposed offering tourists sea canoeing and kayaking adventures as well as the usual snorkeling and scuba diving.

This particular cruise doesn’t land on the James Bond Island, but its incredible beauty can be observed just offshore. Just enjoy another glass of champagne, watch the other tourists.

Next you travel on to a sea gypsy fishing village. Stop and enjoy lunch after arriving at Koh Pannyi, a fishing village built on stilts.

Due to its Muslim roots, there will not be any alcohol served with lunch .  This sleep village offers a market, selling clothes, trinkets, foods, even a monkey.

After lunch, take your time and explore the intimate setting of this seaside village.

For those wanting to explore the beauty below the water surface, try snorkeling for a once in a lifetime views of nature at its best.

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